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Furry vs Emo by ACEnBEAKY
Furry vs Emo
Thank you M-J-Nevermore for this amazing piece starring both one of his and one of my OCs. 
In the never ending battle between furries and emos, who will win the battle, for feeling sorry for yourself the most? When sad poetry and porn collide. 
Joking. Rikka doesn't act emo and Katherine doesn't act like that kind of furry. 
General Jacked up by ACEnBEAKY
General Jacked up
That seems to the fate of a lot of warlords and dictators these days. Ask the Russians, Robotnik, or the Empire about the "Rebels". Guess they got sick of playing video games. 
Tobias Dooby Doo where are you by ACEnBEAKY
Tobias Dooby Doo where are you
"Yeah I would have gotten away with it if it wasn't for you meddling kids and your meddling Hawk."
Ax: <......>
"And you're little deer-queer, too."
Ax: <As Marco says-Da f*ck?>


Forrest Lackey
United States
Instinct over logic and emotions?...Sometimes...when you're being deceived, oppressed, or hunted.
Open your mind but guard your heart. Values before traditions.
The wise man and the strong man will both be put to shame.
The tree long remembers what the ax soon forgets.
Even the wisest man can learn from the dumbest person.
All around you, nature teaches you eternal truths.
"My King, forgotten men are dangerous men."
"I am a father to the fatherless." "I do not change." "Do you see how fondly a mother holds her child in her breasts? Even these may forget, but I will never forget you."
This city will be overrun by the feet of the oppressed.
Situations are gray, and gray is there but temporary. morals are black and white.
More Children would receive or at least deserve respect from adults if they learned two things: foresight and empathy.
I am blameless, and I am faultless, not because I achieve moral perfection & justification, but because I aim for it. So it's on loan. I'm on borrowed time, and I'm getting out of my sentence early for good behavior..or so I hope.
We're all the villain and the victim. We've all been oppressed and have oppressed. We got to admit it when we do.
If you can't pay back or make up for something, push it forward. As you've been freely given, freely give.


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