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Yes, this is Nick Trainor's attempt at ponifying my OC, Karlos Enoch Acevedo, or "Ace".

Me personally? It's not a bad drawing, it's just not what I had in mind. The over all details are Ok, they'll work. But I'm surprised that Nick didn't try to make Ace look basically like a more human teenage Spike the Dragon-but ya know, Ace's facial features and getup. That's ok, that's ok. I didn't specify. Maybe I should ask him again. Eh, mrL8on
Anyway, I think the tail proportion is right, and that's what Ace would look like as a pony, minus his facial expression. NOT his face per se, but his facial expression. As my little sister Onewingedangel66  said, she felt Ace would be a well meaning worry wort more than he would be a warrior (a "worrier?") and that when she remembered me talking about him when she was little, she always visualized him as being like Jack from LOST. I thought that was cool. I also told her more about some of my other ideas. She still sticks with mostly Jack from LOST (something I can appreciate) but she throws in that he also has a little bit of a mushy Batman thrown in, and is occasionally evil in his own way. But the good outweighs the bad.
She originally saw him as Lawful Good. I see Ace as Neutral good but often teetering on the edge of either Social Moral or Rebel Moral based on the circumstances. He wants to be good. Heck, I can even make it where he was Lawful good at one time, but the situation, although it doesn't make him morally neutral, it does sometimes make him do things that are borderline not good. He's still good, but he flirts with the moral alignment from time to time. (in a 5 x 5 DnD alignment, moral is the gray area between neutral and good. Social is the gray area between lawful and neutral. Rebel is the gray area between chaotic and neutral.)

I originally wanted the guy to make a character that was a fusion of my little brother's take on Ace, and shiverz take on Ace (in my OCD collection). What worked for Beaky didn't work for Ace so much. But it's still quality work and I am grateful. 

OK so background story
 He and his brother were both regular humans, but were targeted by aliens as preliminary experiments in Bio Genetic Eengineering and Augment Mutation (I think I just made that word up) to set the stage for creating Nephilim with genetic eengineering. The aliens would either use this generation of human animal mutant hybrids to police the regular humans and do jobs the aliens and Nephilim were too big or busy to do, and to kind of be the middle man between humans and Nephilim. Like if a squad of human soldiers would work under some Nephilim NCOs (Nephilim commissioned Officers? Lol), then the Mutant Hybrids would kind of be like one of the Specialists or Corporals that would serve as a junior NCO without actually being there. 

These generations were used as prototypes, and usually the process makes the once normal human being sterile. That way the Aliens, Nephilim, Shadow Government, possibly Vampires (I haven't decided yet) keep them under control and only make them as needed and useful. When a lot of the Mutant Hybrids realized they were being bred as a tool to enforce an almost hiveminded Totalitarian government, something of a Marxist technocratic social Monarchy (but with variations from domain to domain), and that they were really wanted to enslave mankind, many of them rebelled. They were still teenagers when this happened, and those not corrupted by the world said no and tried to destroy the motherships were they were being groomed to be enforcers and assassins for this Globalist New World Order. They were dubbed Neojoven, which is Latin for "New Youth."

The aliens, Nephilim, and elite (be it royalty, corporate, military, aristocracy, media, political, criminal, socialist, athiest, "religious" etc, same monster different outfit) brutally squashed the uprising of moralist rebels, wiping out most of said generation of teenagers. For those Mutant Hybrids that swore their fealty to the Oligarchy, they were promoted to supernatural status with new powers, mostly scientific but some mystical, with genetic augmentations, cyborgnetic parts, and occasionally magic. These vicious creatures would serve as enforcers for the United Dominions of the Scarlet Imperium (aka Scarlet Dominion, Scarlet Axis Empire Union, basically a federal union of Oligarchs. No real democracy. The elite and leaders get to vote on some things, so it's kind of like a republic/federation at the top, but all of them rule their respective territories with an iron fist, be it left wing or right wing. There's different parties that vie for power, and usually the parties that vie for power on crowning a God Khai-Tsar Ultima (Supreme God Emperor) in their ideologies own image are usually forms of government that failed on humans but somehow worked for them, IE fascist, communist, certain kinds of monarchy etc)

Ace and Beaky somehow survive the uprising, or were never part of it but somehow got mutated (I haven't decided yet), and quickly try to adapt to the world they are familiar with but is no longer familiar with them due to their scales and feathers. Ace and Beaky are then caught up in the secret invasion of earth, the political intrigue of their enemies, who are united in goals but divided in spirit, and the manifestation of the invasion of earth through humans being manipulated against each other, conducting rescue operations and guerrilla raids on underground cults sacrificing humans to aliens, protecting their local city state from evils both lawful and chaotic, and whenever possible launching lone wolf terrorism against any Aliens or Nephs they encounter, with the help of their friends, Katherine Mercado, Wilhelm "Tracer" Holmes, and others that join their small band of rebel vigilantes on a covert war against invaders and their shadow government stooges. They have to work extra hard to avoid casualties, and with some guilt they embark on their mission, keeping their numbers small and secret to reduce innocent casualties on both sides. .....

But political correctness? Screw that, that's nothing but a control mechanism that stagnated from something that was once reasonable. We're gonna offend EVERYBODY...including, nonhumans. 
Beaky by ACEnBEAKY
Like I said, Beaky kind of stole the show with this commission I requested (for a good price-but a looooong wait). I think they did a great job with most of his details, but I feel his front feet are a little off. Those look kind of weird. Considering what they were going for as a Griffon, I'm quite pleased. If it wasn't for the front Talons. I asked them to combine the version of Beaky's face from shiverz and the version of Beaky from my little brother mrL8on, and I think so far the combination is the most balanced well made take on the idea of Beaky. Hey, if either of you is reading this, don't think I'm talking bad about it, I combined both of them and it was better than expected. This couldn't have happened without either of your work to show to Nick Trainor.

It was surprisingly like what i had in my head (not exactly of course, but close). Shiverz was good about the over all shape of Beaky while my little brother's drawing might have captured his Aura. Shiverz version made Beaky almost remind me of something prehistoric (and native American-expressing a character who's been through a lot) while my little brother's looked kind of like a red Falco Lombardi with Goku hair (but good lighting and a nice stance)
Ace And Beaky by ACEnBEAKY
Ace And Beaky
Hello, this is a commission I purchased from a Nick Trainor from a brony con in "Baltimare" last summer. I thought I would share it with you guys, I'm quite proud of the work he did. I think he did a great job with Beaky's face, eyes, "hair" and expression...Ace? The overall details are ok but I don't see Ace with that kind of expression very often. mrL8on this is also kind of a present back to you for the work you did. Merry Christmas. 

As they say, if it exists, there's a pony version of it. My OC rarely have any attention outside of friends, aaaaaaand now they're equestrian. They made beaky a Griffon, I'm surprised they didn't make Ace a dragon. 


Forrest Lackey
United States
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I am blameless, and I am faultless, not because I achieve moral perfection & justification, but because I aim for it. So it's on loan. I'm on borrowed time, and I'm getting out of my sentence early for good behavior..or so I hope.
We're all the villain and the victim. We've all been oppressed and have oppressed. We got to admit it when we do.
If you can't pay back or make up for something, push it forward. As you've been freely given, freely give.


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