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Sevria's first flute solo by ACEnBEAKY
Sevria's first flute solo
 a far side esque joke at Singing Dove's expense, a crude comic about how badly she sounded playing the flute for the first time (well, it looks more like a recorder), and how it's making all the wolves howl, it's freaking out the wampus (hear that dad Thomas Lackey) and the Wendigo is scared, as is the antlered snake in Sevria's Travels. 
The antlered snake, Uktena (although it has MANY names) is a part of Native American Mythology. The Characters here are from Evyrwood, a work in progress by M-J-Nevermore 
Reptile Apocalypse by ACEnBEAKY
Reptile Apocalypse
I feel each one is a mixed bag. As in when I was done drawing one, I liked something about it and hated something about it. The far upper right hell gator/dragon with boar tusks is consistently ok all around. I dunno if the quilled T Rex is conveyed well as having elephant tusks or not. The Bottom left is very, very loosely inspired by a dream. The upper left is mean't to be part insect (many of them are part insect, actually, as you can see from either compound eyes or multiple eyes). The crested snake at the bottom right is mean't to be a creature from the time travel dimension, and would appear in other worlds besides Ace's. 
These would probably be present in an uncharted Island, something akin to a cross between LOST Island, Redwall in Mossflower Wood, Jurassic Park, Skull Island, and China during Mulan's time, that our heroes would fall upon. 
Although aliens are watching from a distance and could give the inhabitants advanced technology, the aliens are keeping the reptilian and mammalian inhabitants in a feudal and feral state of mind so that they grow up stronger without the convenience or safety of technology, nor the idea of rights coming from a constitutional government of and by the people. This then will make tougher and more ruthless soldiers to be recruited and then trained with modern or advanced tech (magic of the gods) so that the Aliens would have the best of both worlds-ancient strength, modern fire power. The hidden Island would have aspects of climate change similar to antediluvian times. It would be a dangerous Island with feuding clans and ravenous dinosaurs and other giant prehistoric reptiles, including unintelligent (but still deadly) dragons of western lore to weed out the weak. This Feudal Technocracy must be destroyed if Ace and his crew are to prevent an invasion. 
Keyblades by ACEnBEAKY
From left to right.
Sitting Bear's first keyblade is a tomahawk, simple enough. The 2nd is much more profound, the but stock of a musket fused with a toothy club used by tribes, a blunt ball also fused to clubs, and the axe blades being the key part of the key blade. 
Sevria's broken bow, named after her battle with the Wampus, is as it says, a broken bow shaped blade. The tip of the bow has one of those club balls I keep mentioning, and the part that sticks out of the back of the keyblade is her flute. 
Markus Blackwell's keyblade is a lock pick rapier, and the extensions of the key edge are black jacks. 
Erika Northwing's is similar, but with a thicker blade, and the handle is a flint lock pistol (as she uses one, and gun blades are nothing new to square enix). The front cover of her hands would be a small wooden buckler, a play on words as "swash buckler". The Keybeard part sticking from the back would be a metal blade with markings similar to a treasure map. 
Arabella Blackwell's keyblade would be one of the physically weaker and clumsier key blades that gives bonuses to magic. So the blade is a twisting wooden staff with a magic crystal at the tip. The key beard would be 2 raven wing shaped blades and a blade shaped like whatever those things are called you use in herbal-ism and alchemy (piston and mortar?)
Finally, the Wampus Keyblade (you excited Thomas Lackey). Naturally the handle is cat themed, go figure. The keyblade is a flint tipped wooden spear, and the keybeard sticking out on one side would be cougar claws.
The characters are based off of the work of M-J-Nevermore and his OC's. Kingdom Hearts is owned by Disney and the Rothschilds, er, I mean Disney and Square Enix. (Do you remember when it used to be Square Soft? Peppridge Farms remembers). 


Forrest Lackey
United States
Instinct over logic and emotions?...Sometimes...when you're being deceived, oppressed, or hunted.
Open your mind but guard your heart. Values before traditions.
The wise man and the strong man will both be put to shame.
The tree long remembers what the ax soon forgets.
Even the wisest man can learn from the dumbest person.
All around you, nature teaches you eternal truths.
"My King, forgotten men are dangerous men."
"I am a father to the fatherless." "I do not change." "Do you see how fondly a mother holds her child in her breasts? Even these may forget, but I will never forget you."
This city will be overrun by the feet of the oppressed.
Situations are gray, and gray is there but temporary. morals are black and white.
More Children would receive or at least deserve respect from adults if they learned two things: foresight and empathy.
I am blameless, and I am faultless, not because I achieve moral perfection & justification, but because I aim for it. So it's on loan. I'm on borrowed time, and I'm getting out of my sentence early for good behavior..or so I hope.
We're all the villain and the victim. We've all been oppressed and have oppressed. We got to admit it when we do.
If you can't pay back or make up for something, push it forward. As you've been freely given, freely give.


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