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Termitan esque by ACEnBEAKY
Termitan esque
Although this is not the definite design for what the Termitan will look like, it has definitely some aspects. Termitans are recently inspired by the UFO Mythology's Insectoids, Grays, and Reptilians, in that descending order, but originally with notes taken from Biblical Demons and Predator and Xenomorph aliens. They come in many shapes and forms, as one of their best strengths is to splice their soldiers in the womb with DNA of similar creatures (usually arachnids and insects) of the planet they are going to invade, not only to make a specialized soldier but also to make it more adaptable to said planet. Who knows? A termitan soldier class made from splicing with Earth Praying mantis might come in hand offworld, too. 
This particular picture maybe a technomancer type class of sorts. he's wearing armor and somewhat priestly robes, and technotronic membrane. I'm not happy with the over all design but I take note of some of the smaller details for future reference. This is a prototype. This design might be used for a specific class or villain, but not for the average gun and file termitan. 
Altering them in the Queen's womb is a compromise between natural birth born recruits and clones grown in a vat. They utilize cloning from time to time, but unless they are in dire need or have a plan for a specific squad of super soldiers, straight up cloning is rare. This caste based system that controls what caste (soldier, worker, hybrid, etc) in the natural womb of the living queen is called Droning, since it would be the compromise between artificial clones and natural birth born offspring. Civilians are allowed to exist, but as far as having natural family units and reproducing the normal way is heavily regulated and generally frowned upon in their technocratic society. The termitans are logical and almost robotic at times, but often they try to hide that they do have emotions and that pain is partly what inspires them. It would take a lot of them to admit it, though, as they feel they rise above getting sad or hurt.
Originally, there was a race of insectoids that outranked the reptilians, even. The Mantids and Tall long nosed grays and whites actually outrank the Reptilians who serve as the Empire Union's Main warrior class, and as the tall grays gave the short grays as a slave race to the reptilians, the Mantids (who were originally very spiritual and even theocratic) gave the technocratic termitans to the Reptilians to be their air force and cannon fodder of sorts. The reptilians are very mean to the Termitans, because they are SUPER prideful, and feel when they abuse a gray or Termitan they are getting even with the image of their superiors on the galactic totem pole. 
Each race has it's own sub castes. Draconians have their own worker and priest castes as an individual race/sub empire, but as a part of the whole they specialize best in being military. The original Mantids specialize in being diplomats, priests, and scientists, and the grays lab assistants. The Termitans seem to be the Airforce and non combat MOS's to the Reptilians' marine corp, so to speak. Again, each race has their own castes and military branches, but even thought the termitans have marines and navy, in the grand scheme of thing they serve the whole as an airforce. 
This is why Ace and Beaky wonder if the Termitans are a fallen race that is being punished by being put as front line soldiers on conquering earth. Like they disgraced themselves and to regain their honor they have to do a dangerous job that they initially suck at, much to the Reptilians' amusement. Most don't seem happy to be stationed on earth in combat roles. The Scarlet Dominion may  have underestimated Earth's resolve when they casually sent the support classes to the frontlines. 
They are a member faction of the main bad guys, the Scarlet Dominion Imperial Federation or Scarlet Dominion for short. It's an empire (or rather, a centralized but heavy compartmentalized Feudal Union of lesser, petty empires) who have been known to fight amongst themselves. It presents itself as a Federal Monarchy of sorts, giving the impression that each individual Dominion has some autonomy and identity, and implying some constitutional or democratic type government among them. It's a facade. Just like with the People's Republic of Tyranny trope, just because a nation calls itself "The People's Democratic Republic of Kazwhackystan" doesn't mean it's actually all those things. It's probably a communist dictatorship, lol. 
The reason why it calls itself a federation is not a compromise between a democratic confederal type of government and a more unitary Republican type of government, but it's a compromise between decentralized Feudal tyrants and more centralized and Unitary Imperial Fascist tyrants. (like a compromise between Feudal Japan and Imperial Japan...not helping the common man, even if it says it is.) In general the Scarlet Dominion prefers to be a hedgemonic empire, but lately it's been compromised and is getting more directly brutal. 
The Termitan Hex-Mindarchy, A technocratic social Monarchy and hive mind collective that is compartmentalized by shadow fascist oligarchies, is one such lesser empire in the "federation" or "fuedalration" as Beaky calls it. It's a colonial empire and can practice fuedalism, but in a Corporate and scientific sense. As in the government could be unitary but the economy is run by a NeoFuedal Corporatocracy and science by a feudal technocracy. Basically the shadow government fascist oligarchies and the NeoFeudal Corporatocracy and Fuedal Technocracies are safe gaurds by the over all government to keep the empire union intertwined while giving the false illusion of sovereignty.
The only reason why Imperial Federation (or Empire Union) allows different kinds of government in it's different vassals is not to respect sovereignty, but to experiment. One sub empire maybe communist, one maybe more corporate or feudal, one maybe fascist, many having traits of all of the above. But the only reason they allow differences is because they know that different beings are better controlled different ways, and are practicing for what they will use on the humans to control and perhaps exterminate them. 
The termitans are kind of a garbage bin/love child race of the universe, mean't to rival and if need be replace humans as the Imperial middle class of sorts in the universe. 

It is rumored they originally started out as a planet of various insects, arachnids, and crustaceans who were all evolving at the same rate and were becoming a multifaceted society. As in not just ants were in a colony, not just ants, hornets, and other hexopods were in the colony under the same queen or queens, but even distant insects and arachnids were working as part of a collective, usually a hive minded social monarchy.  It is then thought that Scarlet Dominion showed up, mutated them into monstrous slaves to control them and utilize them as scientists and soldiers, a sort of airforce of the greater empire. Pure bred, natural, or "regular" Termitans are a rarity. 
Others have stated that the Dominion created them from the getgo using genetic templates from reptilian, insectoid, gray, and human races. We may never know. 
Isis Ester by ACEnBEAKY
Isis Ester
We have M-J-Nevermore to thank for this commission of an OC I haven't drawn in over a decade. 

A villain I've had cooked up since I was 10, an Eco Fascist of sorts, ironically NOT inspired by Poison Ivy (although it has a lot in common with her). She is a psychically and genetically enhanced Trans Meta Human, mean't to be the sci fi version of a Fairy. We see elements of plant and insect in her make up, and her eyes and face are mean't to remind one vaguely of elves, fairies, and alien grays. The feathers on her wings are leaves, and the wing bone holding it together is mean't to look like branches on a tree, the same with her horns. A possible design addition would be to give her a 2nd pair of wings, roughly the same dimensions but more akin to batwings with the membrane having texture of insect wings. This would make one think of a Cherub and a demon, too, and show more insect qualities.

Her hair changes color quite often. She's in her late 20s and is quietly very career driven. She sometimes acts like she's grass roots to recruit the uninformed. She was mean't to be a bit on the short and curvy/voluptuous side. Although she has traits of insects on her body,  what you see on her boots is part of the armor. Right now she's in a diplomatic business suit, but dresses more paramilitary on the field. She was commissioned by the Termitans to over see a proxy army who's main purpose was to wipe out any surviving Neojoven members, and basically crush the Orchestrated Remnant without drawing too much attention. 

Her physical design is somewhat loosely based on Tara Strong, Tila Tequila, the dark side of Angelina Jolee that Alex Jones talks about (Druidic Witch/Angel of Death murdering people in Africa to "catch Kony" after she gets out of her Illuminati Tomb Raider movie). She would also take some note from Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn, and their ilk. 
Unlike DC's Poison Ivy, she's less about being a feminist and an eco terrorist, and is actually part of the establishment. Her cause is supposedly the military branch of protecting the environment, but that is a thickly veiled front to go around murdering entire villages of people. She's using her position, diplomacy, and death squads of armed humans, hybrid body guards, and mutated animals to wipe out any insurgency she gets her hands on, and any innocent civilians that get in the way. She does so on purpose. She feels it's her place in the grand scheme of things to lower the human population. 
As far as powers asides from a scorpion sting, flight, and shooting a laser out of her Jewel encrusted third eye, I haven't thought of many super powers. If we go there, expect a mix mash of the druid and hunter classes from wow, or the Witch Dr class from Diablo. She occasionally dons body armor and uses guns, but unless she can attack a Neojoven Rebel Vigilante one on one, she prefers to act as a commanding officer instead of immediately getting into the fray of a straight out battle. 
The corporate establishment and government agency she works for is actually responsible for a lot of pollution and cruelty to animals. But the environmental laws are not for the elites, they are for the common man and anyone they think they can get away with massacring. 
She's attacked Ace and Beaky multiple times, usually near playgrounds and schools, and does not mind murdering the children around Ace and Beaky. Compared to other villains she knows how to get the drop on Ace and Beaky when they are near public areas, and you're usually faced with an almost SWAT like paramilitary death squad reinforced by giant mutated animals and Ester's personal body guard. Her favorite body gaurd is a human animal Hybrid from Georgia (near Russia) that dresses like a Biker Gang member with contemporary SWAT gear. He was already a big human before mutation. He's been spliced with tiger, wolverine, bear, and gorilla DNA, and is a vicious fighter when armed with every day Fire man axes or confiscated illegal weapons. His fur is blue with red stripes and a white under belly. His name is appropriately, Tigerene. 
It was his experience working in the Georgian military to tell her to always attack schools and playgrounds first. First target would be the nation's children so as to lower morale of the enemy. This is not simply an occasional attrocity or dirty trick employed in dire moments, but a regular protocal. The side benefit is that they could twist the story with the controlled media so that the ignorant and uninformed American sheeple will think that Ace and Beaky were hiding behind children, or that Ace and his Neojoven Rebels actually were the perpetrators of said war crime. 


Forrest Lackey
United States
Instinct over logic and emotions?...Sometimes...when you're being deceived, oppressed, or hunted.
Open your mind but guard your heart. Values before traditions.
The wise man and the strong man will both be put to shame.
The tree long remembers what the ax soon forgets.
Even the wisest man can learn from the dumbest person.
All around you, nature teaches you eternal truths.
"My King, forgotten men are dangerous men."
"I am a father to the fatherless." "I do not change." "Do you see how fondly a mother holds her child in her breasts? Even these may forget, but I will never forget you."
This city will be overrun by the feet of the oppressed.
Situations are gray, and gray is there but temporary. morals are black and white.
More Children would receive or at least deserve respect from adults if they learned two things: foresight and empathy.
I am blameless, and I am faultless, not because I achieve moral perfection & justification, but because I aim for it. So it's on loan. I'm on borrowed time, and I'm getting out of my sentence early for good behavior..or so I hope.
We're all the villain and the victim. We've all been oppressed and have oppressed. We got to admit it when we do.
If you can't pay back or make up for something, push it forward. As you've been freely given, freely give.


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