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Michael's CG Ace by ACEnBEAKY
Michael's CG Ace
We have this to thank from M-J-Nevermore . He even did this one without me asking for permission. Thanks! That was nice. This would be the first CG rendition of Ace. Normally I wouldn't give him red eyes, but he did it, it looks aight' and it works. We went with it. I"m trying to do my own version on Fuse, but this is new territory with me. 
Timothy Treyvon Yoshua Broiland by ACEnBEAKY
Timothy Treyvon Yoshua Broiland
guess who came back from the dead? After 16 years, 16 mother freaking years, this blast from the past gets the M-J-Nevermore  ( Michael James Day ) treatment. It's Josh Broyle's character "T-bone!" Although that name is silly and already taken by Poke'mon and probably other things, too, this is the Raptor in the Tuxedo based on Josh! If he was colored his skin would be a darker brownish yellow and the membrane between his spines would be green. The spines would be brown with green outlines. He has a bit of a soul patch on his chin. 
His outfit is basically like form fitting light armor-like between Thalmor and Storm trooper armor-but with the flair and coloration of a in it's black and white. He throws on a real bow tie just to be a smart ass. The navel area would be red armor designed to remind you of a sash. 
If you could see the bottom of his boots, they would remind you of cow bow boots (minus the huge velociraptor claws complimenting the spurs, his claws being his biggest weapon). He also has a gray fisherman's hat, showing how he sees himself as a chill, happy, goofy redneck James Bond. He has sunglasses, but the lenses of the sunglasses are red and compound looking like a fly's eyes. In other drawings, he might have a redneck hunting jacket vest he wears over his tuxedo armor, ya know to go with his gray fishing hat. He might also have a dinosaur like skull face mask he would wear over the top half of his snout, but still be able to put his fly glasses and gray fishing hat (with a brownish orange band going across it) on top. His fishing hat might be fused with a regular hat, in the fact it has the wavy frill going all around the head, but there would be a bill sticking out in the front past it. 
Asides from his mouth and raptor claws, teh claws on his hands are pretty powerful, too. His tail is large enough to give balance or maybe even trip an enemy, but it's not mean't to be the weapon Ace's is. 
Inspired by Josh Broyles, James Bond, Pokemon's T bone, and more recently just a dash of a more benevolent King Ghidorah (Godzilla's enemy, but one movie he was nice) and Oblivion's take on Argonians. 
Haven't decided what his weapons outside of his claws and teeth would be. Asides from redneck and riot gear, possibly something goofy trying to be cool, and possibly something that would complement his long reach, like a pole arm. he's the tallest and leanest of the group.
I have yet to think up of a background, but so far the role he plays besides occasionally helping on missions is being the guy that remains cool and positive enough to be contagious, and mitigates less well mannered tempers. 
Lambgirl sheep satyr Kavi
Ok, this is my Sheep Satyr and Lamb Girl, Kavi. 
She's a nervous wreck. 
I mean seriously, boy does she have fucking problems. 
First of all, she comes from a similar dimension to ours, but what happened is that the family that emmigrated to that dimension that adopted her was human. And not very nice...not to mention, they had a religious belief that was basically the Jewish equivalent of ISIS's Sharia Law-not so much about attacking other countries or attacking minorities, but with the harsh Old Testament and occasionally Talmudic law that most Jews and Christians tend to ignore, even if they still actually believed applied to them. They joined a similar thinking community in that neck of the woods. 
As she grew up in a mixed neighborhood (but an isolated sub neighborhood) she eventually was diagnosed with:
tourettes Syndrome,
Panic attacks,
Adjustment Disorder, 
a gap between her 2 front teeth,
and a really high pitched voice
Not to mention, she had a hard time getting along with other kids at school, esp this other big sheep girl that was sexually attracted to her. Despite her agonizing nymphomania, she actually was chaste and something of a prudish goody 2 shoes, despite her social awkwardness, mental disorders, and rebellious streak. No really, she was a moralist, not a bad girl with a bad attitude...just an insane and constantly frightened girl who didn't hang out with many friends or get many jobs because she would uncontrollably curse and swear backwards (even in her writing, so her job applications were a hoot to read). She also panicked easily, not only because she had panic attacks similar to courage the Cowardly dog, but as an extension of her tension snapping, she always had nymphomaniacal sexual tension to stress her out, even though she never had sex, at least not while she was still in school. 
The fact that this big lesbian hit on her kind of freaked her out. The fact she was a lesbian or that she hit on her wasn't the big was of the fact that the other sheep girl was kind of a bad person, very aggressive.....she could be a bully who knew how to follow the rules, and could be very forceful and coldly intimidating. She wasn't ugly, her legs and body weren't as petite as most would visualize a female, but she wasn't bad, either. A bit on the thick side with arms and legs a tad on the muscular side. Wore a red bandanna, like a lot of "latina gangsters" wore (yes, there are female latina gangs, and apparently they influenced settlements in other dimensions). 
As she started to heal from the awkwardness of being adopted, and BEING A TALKING SHEEP GIRL in a strict Jewish household, she became more confident and started to develop a rebellious and judgemental attitude towards her father. She felt like he was in it for his own power, and not out of serving God or the Law of Moses. She hated how he was a bigot to gentiles, and basically felt that one law applied to him and another law applied to that he deserved fairness and justice, but it was somehow morally permissible to work with human trafficking syndicates to kidnap and sell the children of your killed rivals in the mafia into sex slavery. How he was allowed to have so much fun and live wickedly while putting his daughter under his boot and regarding gentiles as basically wild animals that deserved to be hunted down. Him telling her he should have her stoned for disrespecting him was bad enough, but then he started telling her that he should have killed her. He told her she was a worthless byproduct of beastiality (which was proven false, she came from a race of sentient hoofed creatures) and was perhaps a subtype of Nephilim Canaanites, whom God ordered Joshua to exterminate when entering the Promised Land. 
He also set her up to be stoned by people on her way to school, and spread rumors that she was a whore who slept with all the other races, and was a threat to the local community's way of life.
Now, this particular person who adopted her was a rather vicious and corrupt Rabbi (not picking on all Rabbis, but this one was). Although he could be decent to his own people and close friends, he was on the take from a local mafia of sorts, one that ran a prostitution ring in the nearby towns. He would never sell his daughter into prostitution if she was his flesh and blood, but the non human that he adopted he felt was getting on his nerves and he was an entitled patriarchial bastard, one that demanded absolute submission from his family under him even when he didn't respect the authority of the law over everyone. He decided to force his adopted non human daughter into prostitution, so as to hurt her and also have her killed afterwards. 
You see, in the Old Testament it says that if a corrupt priest sells his daughter into prostitution, she is to be burned alive. I never read wether the corrupt priest father got punished or not. He already saw children and teenagers as slaves, females as beneath him, and gentiles as cattle (goyim). A creature that was an anthromorphic animal was not going to be valued highly on his list, and he had already beaten her (like with whips) and threatened her with death by stoning just for disobeying him. 
Now he could finally assert his authority from God and not only have her raped like an object but also have her burned alive and watch in pleasure as his hated black sheep would die screaming in pain, and take satisfaction that this is the fate of all those who rebelled against his parental and rabbinical authority. 
He was in charge. She was worthless, and he could Make her sin and then kill her afterwards. It was beautiful to see somebody struggle for life while being violated, and then seen the offense and despair in their eyes as they are mercilessly condemned to a torturous and humiliating death after being violated. He would finally get his jollies at seeing "justice" served to the people who stood in the way of his happiness. 
She had already been used by several "johns" (first after beatings, then at gun point, but she kept fighting so they broke some of her bones, and finally doped her up). Her mind blocked out the memories as a defense mechanism. 
When she was being put up on the stake to be publically burned to death (the police were paid off), Ace and his Neojoven decided to stop the execution and took her off the stake. She had already been burned on her feet and lower legs. Ace mostly burned the angry mob with his fire breath. A few people braved the flames and got slashed by his tail. The only person he killed at the burning were the 3 police officers who were allowing this burning to take place and got really close to Ace. AFterwards, they hunted down and killed the Rabbi, not necessarily just for the avenging of what he did to his daughter, but also because he was a central figure in the local human trafficking of the town, and they took him out for strategic reasons, also. 
As her time went on, Ace never really considered her a friend or a team mate. He tried to set her up with a place to live in our world, and even tried to get her professional help, but never really liked her. Often he just saw her mental problems as strange and unrelatable. He could relate to a lot of issues people had, but her bizarre personality he found was so alienating. He didn't know how to take her sometimes, and he was USED to weird. He found a lot of what she did, not annoying or bad, but distressing. She seemed to have private issues about faith, as she was raised Jewish but considering Christianity, and never really  made a decision either way (none of his freaking business of course, but when something that deep is affecting your day to day life). He also found it strangely ironic that she hated Nephilim more than he did, and even came up with a nick name for their group-N.E.P.H=which stood for Nephilim Extermination Para-Humans. 
In truth, Kavi reminded him of somebody that he hated, but without wanting to hate her. Instead he felt like he was watching somebody lose their mind and there was nothing he could do to stop it. 
I'm not sure what I want to do with her in future. In the future she might get in an intimate relationship with Tracer, or remember that during her teen years maybe she did lose her virginity to a blind werewolf character that was like a nicer Tracer. 


Forrest Lackey
United States
Instinct over logic and emotions?...Sometimes...when you're being deceived, oppressed, or hunted.
Open your mind but guard your heart. Values before traditions.
The wise man and the strong man will both be put to shame.
The tree long remembers what the ax soon forgets.
Even the wisest man can learn from the dumbest person.
All around you, nature teaches you eternal truths.
"My King, forgotten men are dangerous men."
"I am a father to the fatherless." "I do not change." "Do you see how fondly a mother holds her child in her breasts? Even these may forget, but I will never forget you."
This city will be overrun by the feet of the oppressed.
Situations are gray, and gray is there but temporary. morals are black and white.
More Children would receive or at least deserve respect from adults if they learned two things: foresight and empathy.
I am blameless, and I am faultless, not because I achieve moral perfection & justification, but because I aim for it. So it's on loan. I'm on borrowed time, and I'm getting out of my sentence early for good behavior..or so I hope.
We're all the villain and the victim. We've all been oppressed and have oppressed. We got to admit it when we do.
If you can't pay back or make up for something, push it forward. As you've been freely given, freely give.


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